Plenary Sessions

All the times in the program are Japan Standard Time(GMT+9)

28 Nov(Mon.)
Session / Presentation Chairperson / Presenter Affiliation Abstract PDF
    • 10:00-10:15PL-01. Opening
    •  ChairpersonShigeo KoyasuRIKEN
  • WelcomeHideyuki NakanoParliamentary Vice-Minister of Cabinet Office
  • Congratulatory SpeechKeitaro OhnoParliamentary Association for Quantum Technology Promotion
  • WelcomeKohei ItohGeneral Chair, Quantum Innovation 2022 Organizing Committee
    • 10:30-12:30PL-02. Vision of Quantum Technology
    •  ChairpersonShigeo KoyasuRIKEN
  • 10:30Vision of quantum future society / Future society to be realized through quantum technology and strategies for Its realizationKohei ItohChairperson, Strategy Review Working Group on Quantum Technology and Innovation Strategy, Government of JapanPL-02-01
  • 10:45The national quantum initiativeGretchen CampbellDeputy director, the National Quantum Coordination Office, OSTPPL-02-02
  • 11:00European policyGustav KalbeActing Director, Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure, DG CONNECT, European CommissionPL-02-03
  • 11:15Enabling & growing the quantum industryCelia MerzbacherExecutive Director, Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C)PL-02-04
  • 11:30Strengthening Europe's quantum industry on the global stageThierry BotterExecutive Director, Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)PL-02-05
  • 11:45Introduction of Q-STAR -Create industries & businesses with quantum technology-Taro ShimadaChair of the Board, Quantum STrategic industry Alliance for RevolutionPL-02-06
  • 12:00Promoting quantum innovation through the triangle collaborationAkihisa TomitaChair of Quantum ICT Forum / Hokkaido UniversityPL-02-07
  • 12:15Moonshot Goal 6: Realization of a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer that will revolutionize economy, industry, and security by 2050Masahiro KitagawaProgram Director of Moonshot#6 / Osaka UniversityPL-02-08
    • 13:00-18:50PL-03. Keynote
    •  ChairpersonYasunobu NakamuraRIKEN
  • 13:00The next wave of computing: quantum-centric supercomputingJerry ChowIBMPL-03-01
  • 13:40From synchronization to chemical reaction superpositionsGregory ScholesPrinceton UniversityPL-03-02
  • 14:20Quantum diamond sensors — Best of both worldsRonald WalsworthThe University of MarylandPL-03-03
  • Break (15:00 - 16:10)
  • 16:10Optical quantum computers with quantum teleportationAkira FurusawaThe University of Tokyo / RIKENPL-03-05
  • 16:50 Quantum computer architecture: from NISQ processors to fault-tolerant quantum computersKae NemotoOkinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate UniversityPL-03-06
  • 17:30How science is becoming and industryRupert UrsinQuantum Technology LaboratoriesPL-03-07
  • 18:10Quantum network technology - the second life of rare-earth crystalsWolfgang TittelThe University of GenevaPL-03-08