Quantum Sensing Track

All the times in the program are Japan Standard Time(GMT+9)

29th Nov Sessions are a joint-program with The 5th IFQMS (The 5th International Forum on Quantum Metrology and Sensing).

29 Nov(Tue.)
Session / Presentation Chairperson / Presenter Affiliation Abstract PDF
    • 8:00-10:10SE-01. Q-Sensors for Life Science, NV Center and Applications for Life Sciences
    •  ChairpersonHitoshi IshiwataQST
  • 8:00Dynamics and mechanism of dimer dissociation of UVR8 photoreceptorDongping ZhongOhio State USE-01-01
  • 8:30Photoactivation of rhodopsinsHideki KandoriNITechSE-01-02
  • 9:10How can we measure the quality of consciousness?Makiko YamadaQSTSE-01-03
  • 9:40Theoretical study on quantum dynamics in condensed phase molecular systemsAkihito IshizakiIMSSE-01-04
    • 10:30-12:00SE-02. Solid-State Quantum Sensors
    •  ChairpersonHiromitsu KatoAIST
  • 10:30Quantum sensing and imaging with diamond spinsAnia JayichUCSBSE-02-01
  • 11:00Hybrid diamond-doped optical fibres for remote magnetometry applicationsBrant GibsonRMIT USE-02-02
  • 11:30Quantum sensing by NV centers in diamond semiconductorNorikazu MizuochiKyoto USE-02-03
    • 17:00-19:00SE-04. Solid-State Quantum Sensors
    •  ChairpersonShinobu OnodaQST
  • 17:00Controlling and exploiting defects in diamond for quantum technologiesMark NewtonU WarwickSE-04-01
  • 17:30Methods for deterministic production of colour centres in diamondJan MeijerU LeipzigSE-04-02
  • 18:00Synthesis of single crystal diamond with colour centres for quantum applicationsAlexandre TallaireCNRSSE-04-03
  • 18:30Introduction to quantum brilliance and its R&D programsMarcus DohertyANU / Quantum BrillianceSE-04-04
    • 19:20-21:10SE-05. Q-Sensors for Life Science, NV Center and Applications for Life Sciences
    •  ChairpersonMakoto NegoroOsaka U
  • 19:20Hyperpolarized solution-state NMR spectroscopy via quantum resourcesIlai SchwartzNVisionSE-05-01
  • 19:55Dissolution dynamic nuclear polarizationJan Ardenkjær-LarsenDTUSE-05-02
  • 20:35Free radical detection in living cellsRomana SchirhaglU GroningenSE-05-03
30 Nov(Wed.)
Session / Presentation Chairperson / Presenter Affiliation Abstract PDF
    • 9:20-12:00SE-06. Atom Interferometer, Atom/Ion Clocks
    •  ChairpersonTomoya SatoTokyo Tech
  • 9:20Keeping the quantum state alive: minute-scale coherence in an atom interferometerHolger MüllerStanford USE-06-01
  • 10:00Toward rotation sensing using a trapped single ionTakashi MukaiyamaOsaka USE-06-02
  • 10:40Enhanced quantum control for the next generation of optical lattice clocksAndrew LudlowNISTSE-06-03
  • 11:20Quantum metrology and computing using microscopically-controlled arrays of alkaline-earthsAdam KaufmanJILASE-06-04
    • 17:00-19:40SE-07. Atom Interferometer, Atom/Ion Clocks
    •  ChairpersonHidekazu HachisuNICT
  • 17:00Quantum sensors with matter wavesPhilippe BouyerU AmsterdamSE-07-01
  • 17:40Exploring quantum gases for terrestrial and space-borne interferometryErnst RaselLUHSE-07-02
  • 18:20A highly charged ion based optical atomic clockLukas SpießPTBSE-07-03
  • 19:00Robust Yb optical lattice clock for contributing to international atomic timeMasami YasudaAISTSE-07-04