Quantum Cryptography & Communication Track

All the times in the program are Japan Standard Time(GMT+9)

29 Nov(Tue.)
Session / Presentation Chairperson / Presenter Affiliation Abstract PDF
    • 9:00-12:00CC-01. Quantum Internet 1
    •  ChairpersonDavid ElkoussOIST
  • 9:00Solid-state quantum emitters for quantum networkingElizabeth GoldschmidtU IllinoisCC-01-01
  • 9:30Generation and manipulation of photonic quantum states for quantum networkTakashi YamamotoOsaka UCC-01-02
  • 10:00Quantum communication in network channels and multipartite entanglement distributionMasahiro TakeokaKeio UCC-01-03
  • 10:30Quantum repeater for continuous-variable entanglement distributionJosephine DiasOISTCC-01-04
  • 11:00Entanglement distribution for QKD over telecom fiberChristian KurtsieferNUSCC-01-05
    • 13:00-16:00CC-02. Young Researcher Panel Session
    •  ChairpersonSimon DevittUTS
  • Shota NagayamaKeio U
  • Toshihiko Sasaki UTokyo
  • David ElkoussOIST
  • Alexander LingNUS
  • Rikizo IkutaOsaka U
    • 16:00-18:00CC-03. Quantum Cryptography 1-1
    •  ChairpersonAkihisa Tomita Hokkaido U
  • 16:00Quantum key distribution: current applications and future improvementsGregoire RibordyID QuantiqueCC-03-08
  • 16:35Quantum business rising: A new era of investment and wealth creation building the quantum economyCorey McClellandQubitekkCC-03-01
  • 17:00Quantum communication at AirbusMatthieu Dollon Airbus Defence & SpaceCC-03-02
  • 17:25Information theoretically secure data utilization using "Quantum Secure Cloud"Mikio FujiwaraNICTCC-03-03
    • 18:00-18:20Break
    • 18:20-20:20CC-03. Quantum Cryptography 1-2
    •  ChairpersonTakuya Hirano Gakushuin U
  • 18:20Field trials and recent activities of QKD research in Toshiba CorporationMamiko KujiraokaToshibaCC-03-04
  • 18:45Advancements in space quantum communicationsPaolo VilloresiU PadovaCC-03-05
  • 19:10Entanglement distribution and next challengesAlexander LingNUSCC-03-06
  • 19:35Satellite-based QKD for global quantum cryptographic network constructionSaori YokoteSKY Perfect JSATCC-03-07
    • 17:00-20:00CC-04. Quantum Internet 2
    •  ChairpersonMasahiro TakeokaKeio U
  • 17:00Resource efficient fault-tolerant one-way quantum repeater with code concatenationJohannes BorregaardTU DelftCC-04-01
  • 17:30Entanglement of trapped-Ion Qubits separated by 230 mTracy NorthupU InnsbruckCC-04-02
  • 18:00From quantum repeater networks to the quantum internetHideo KosakaYNUCC-04-03
  • 18:30Quantum repeaters: Analytical models and optimized protocolsPeter van LoockU MainzCC-04-04
30 Nov(Wed.)
Session / Presentation Chairperson / Presenter Affiliation Abstract PDF
    • 16:00-17:20CC-05. Quantum Cryptography 2-1
    •  ChairpersonMasahide SasakiNICT
    •  Martin Ward Toshiba
  • Panelist 1Dirk FischerBSI
  • Panelist 2Yoshimichi TanizawaToshiba
  • Panelist 3Masato KoashiUTokyo
  • Panelist 4Marcos CurtyU Vigo
    • 17:20-17:40Break
    • 17:40-19:30CC-05. Quantum Cryptography 2-2
    •  ChairpersonMasahiro Takeoka Keio U
  • 17:40Telco's experience and perspective on quantum cryptographyHyungsoo KimKTCC-05-05
  • 18:05The UK quantum communications hubTim SpillerU YorkCC-05-06
  • 18:30Quantum communication and cryptography in FranceEleni DiamantiCNRSCC-05-07
  • 18:55DemoQuanDT: The quantum communication testbed for GermanyOleg NikiforovDTCC-05-08